Sabtu, 10 Desember 2016

How to Create Content Lemper Abon

How to Create Content Lemper Abon - Lemper is the name of the food is made from glutinous white base filled with shredded or chopped chicken meat which is then wrapped in banana leaves. Food is shaped like a cake but has a size smaller than a rice cake. This type of food is already very well known throughout the region in Indonesia. In addition to good taste and chewy, lemper also can block the stomach for a while because it can be filling. The food is usually cooked by steaming in general, but can also be fried even burned.

If they are relaxed or moderate drinking hot tea, milk or coffee, usually accompanied by the most delicious lemper legit. The interface is typical with banana leaf packet also aroma and delicious taste is really fit for fine dining in a relaxed time.

Usually when can snack or treat at an event like no lempernya dish as well. Food taste delicious, dense and contains very suitable indeed for serving booster hunger.

The first step to make the glutinous rice lemper is washed with water until completely clean
steamed glutinous rice such as rice cooking wait until half cooked for about 15 minutes
Mix coconut milk, pandan leaves and salt into glutinous rice, stirring until well blended
again steamed glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk for 20 minutes or until cooked, remove and let cool
take each 2 tablespoons of glutinous rice and filled with shredded cow then wrapped in banana leaves like rice cake (do until finished)
lemper glutinous contents abon ready to be served.