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Recipes and How To Make Kue Sus Vla

Recipes and How To Make Kue Sus Vla - Now this can already be found in almost any bakery. Because Sus cake has delicious taste that makes this cake is very popular in today's society so many Sus Wet cake producers who have developed this cake until we can find the creation flavors very tasty and delicious with all sorts of things kind of custard filling a variety of flavors , Here please refer tenttang measures and how Baking Wet as follows:

Eclairs dry it has become one of the very special cake in the community. Sus type of cake that is also usually appear when Eid comes or the new year. This cake is also usually served when there is a busy-busy or there is an event and a birthday celebration. And eclairs dry is equally delicious with eclairs are normally. In fact, many people who say eclairs dry is much more durable. Well for those of you who like pastries this you simply can buy them at a nearby pastry shop. But this time you should also be able to make yourself at home so that you can also your own creativity in your home. and the problem makes it also quite easy and not too hard.

The first step you simply boil water and margarine. And turn off the heat.
Then enter the flour, stir and turn a small fire. And stir until smooth and dough away from the edge of the pan. Then turn off the heat and let it warm.
Next enter the eggs one by one while shaken, then enter the grated cheese and baking powder. And stir until blended.
And put the mixture into a piping bag that has been given a syringe.
Then small spray on a baking sheet that has been spread with margarine. And give the distance between one and the other.
Then the oven with a temperature of 190'C for 15 minutes, and then lower the temperature becomes 130'C and continue grilling until done, approximately for 25-30 minutes.
Finished, remove and let cool then put an airtight container.

Tutorial How to Make a Cake Brownies Panggang

Tutorial How to Make a Cake Bake Brownies - Brownies are very diverse taste following examples are banana brownies, carrot brownies, coffee brownies, brownies marble and very many variations of this delicious brownies course. This time we will try to discuss about How to Make Chocolate Brownies Bake. Please refer to the following about how the measures and proper manner without the need for qualified skills, as follows:

Who does not like brownies, brownie cake amanda Moreover, sticky cake which uses cocoa powder as an additional ingredient of this it is very easy to make. To enjoy a you no longer need to go to the pastry shop, because you can make it yourself at home without having to spend a lot of money. Materials used in the manufacture of brownies, very modest and simple.

1. Prepare a baking sheet, cover with butter and flour. Set aside
2. Sift flour and cocoa powder, set aside
3. Combine the water and sweetened condensed milk, stir well. Set aside
4. Put the eggs and sugar, beat using mixer until fluffy. Then input the butter bit by bit while continuing to be shaken (for about 2 minutes)
5. Put the flour and cocoa sifted, alternating with a mixture of water and milk into the egg mixture and butter. Stir until well blended using a spatula and do not be too long
6. Put the dough into the pan and bake for approximately 40 minutes until cooked. If necessary, test by using a stick
7. Bake Brownies Chocolate Brownies ready to be served